GhostMarket Grants


Ivy Sirena offers mini-grants to artists and creators to start minting NFTs on GhostMarket

Ethereum gas fees too high?  Try out Phantasma Chain and take advantage of the low transaction fees, staking rewards, interoperability, and more.

This application is for artists who have not yet used Ghostmarket/Phantasma but would like to try it, as well as those who cannot afford it.  Anyone is free to leave a response, and Ivy is free to confirm/deny anyone for any reason.  That being said, Ivy will try to be generous.

Grants range from 25-125 KCAL and are distributed as Phantasma NFTs.
BURN the NFT to access the KCAL (can be done from your wallet)

**You MUST have a Phantasma Address/Wallet - Get one HERE**