Frequently Asked Questions

regarding Ivy Sirena and their NFT Art

Q: What is NFT.IvySirena.com All About?

A: This is the home of Ivy Sirena's Digital art.  Ivy offers artworks in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Q: What kinds of art does Ivy Sirena make?

A: Ivy is an artist of many kinds.  Ivy makes music NFTs on GhostMarket and Digital / Analog Collages for the Ivy Collage Collection.  Ivy practices photography, 3D animation, and a variety of digital and analog arts. Visit IvySirena.com to see their music releases.

Q: Does Ivy have social media?

A: Yes!  @IvySirenaNFT on Twitter is where most of Ivy's art / NFT communications live.  Ivy Sirena also has a music-related Twitter ( @IvySirena ) and Instagram ( @IvySirena )

Q: What's an NFT?

A: An NFT is a way to represent ownership of a digital artwork or token via the blockchain.  NFT collectables and artwork have been increasing rapidly in popularity.

Q: Do I need Cryptocurrency to purchase NFT's?

A: Nearly always, yes.  GhostMarket connects to your Phantasma wallet and Opensea.io connects to your Ethereum Wallet, and this is also where your NFTs can be stored.  Ivy Recommends Poltergeist and Ecto wallets for using GhostMarket, and Metamask is a great option for Ethereum wallets.

Q: I've heard of Ethereum, but what is Phantasma?

A: The Phantasma Blockchain is Ivy's favorite blockchain.  Visit Phantasma.io to learn more.

But seriously, this is the best blockchain.

Q: Why buy NFTs?

A: NFTs, like most crypto assets, tend to increase in value and favor early adopters.  You can buy an NFT, and sell it later if the price goes up.  Ownership on certain platforms allows you to get exclusive, unlockable content as well.  You can also simply collect art and have your ownership of the work verified on the Ethereum (or another) blockchain.

Q: How do I contact Ivy Sirena?

A: IvySirenaContact@gmail.com

(or DM Ivy on Twitter, links above)