Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Welcome to Ivy Sirena's NFT Art Store!

 Welcome to Ivy Sirena's NFT Art store!  

We are currently offering limited quantities of Non-Fungible Token artworks via OpenSea.  Here, you can find information regarding the artworks, browse available artworks/tokens, and more.  

For now we will be focusing on original, high-quality .PNG Art, though we will soon expand in to other media formats, most likely audio, video, and possibly 3D assets.  

Come see what Ivy has to offer!  

All works are guaranteed 100% original creations that are not available anywhere or to anyone besides the owners and the original creator.  NFT Ownership grants access to and use rights of the full quality image/media file.

 Please use the contact form below for any questions, comments, offers, or concerns!